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Location Tagging and 360-degree Panorama

With the increasing use of drones, businesses are now switching to an advanced format. The use of location tagging and 360-degree panorama is not only helpful for personal use but also businesses.

What is 360-degree aerial photography and videography?

In the past few years, 360-degree aerial photography and videography usage has increased significantly. These are the types of photos and videos that just can't be captured randomly. A professional setting is required to capture the best images and videos through the use of 3D panorama.

The rise in 360-degree photography and videography is contributing to the rise of virtual reality. People looking for an immersive experience are considering switching to this.

It provides a broader and greater vision which is far better than the normal image. Since it captures a 360-degree experience, it helps to create an immersive experience. As a result, the customers of business can get a complete view of the business.

The aerial images offer a complete view of the subject. The interactive experience offers a pop-up experience and helps with measuring experience thereby contributing to an in-depth experience. Most of these shots are taken manually or via an app. It helps to provide the in-depth best results. Nonetheless, it is necessary for the businesses to be familiar with the aerial piloting and camera work.

What is location tagging?

Location tagging, also known as geo-tagging, is the practice of labeling one’s images and videos with a location.

It's possible to tag on 360-degree panoramas on mobile and desktop devices, as the user has control over it. If it is just a drone video with geotagging, it is possible to tag locations by text, image, or photo and also with QR codes. Furthermore, tagging can help capture contextual information that enhances the viewing experience.

Use the picture feature for each site on your location scout to document any friendly or unfriendly conditions on your target property. With the map, photo, and latitude and longitude coordinates for each picture, you will be able to quickly return to any home or business with ease.

How can drones help with Geo tagging?

Businesses are nowadays using drones for location tagging. The use of these will help in enhancing customer interaction. Furthermore, the use of drones for location tagging can also contribute towards providing an immersive experience through specialized messages and offers.

With the help of drones, location tagging will help to ensure the locations where services are enabled. As a result, the use of location tagging can play an important role in increasing brand awareness. Furthermore, it also provides a comprehensive insight to foot traffic which can be helpful for planning and analysis.


Detail and accuracy are crucial for location tagging. It offers a variety of details that can be helpful for communities. Drones will help to cover the neighborhood, community boundaries and mark the addresses and landmarks. As a result, 360-degree panorama and aerial view contributes significantly towards aligning the business property. As a result, it becomes easier to opt for further complete analysis.


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