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How does Drone Technology help in Real Estate Marketing?

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

What essentially is drone technology?

Immeasurable resources and creative latitude are toys of the real estate industry. The privilege the real estate industry enjoys with drone technology is its ability to quickly amass a vast array of creative visual content. Drones can offer a unique look at real estate properties, capturing several angles and reducing the need for visits to the sites.

Drones provide real-time data, which makes them more reliable than cameras and satellite imagery.

Drones have a number of practical purposes, this technology is useful in performing a number of tasks, especially when there is risk and difficulty involved in being physically present. The drone technology catches up with many day-to-day tasks, such as:

· geographic mapping,

· communication and media access,

· thermal sensing,

· videography,

· law enforcement and monitoring road traffics, rages, and penalties, etc.

· crop monitoring, and spraying of pesticides, etc.

· quality aerial imaging,

· animal science and research,

· cargo transportation,

· forecasting storms, tornados, and hurricanes,

· Border control surveillance, and other security purposes,

· Shipping and delivery,

· And of course, real estate!

What is real estate?

Real estate is essentially property that consists of land, buildings, and housings, including its various resources, whether man-made or natural. It is usually associated with immovable property, which carries a market value, and demand.

What is the scope of drones in real estate?

It was a matter of imposing a huge expense on the shoulders of various real estate agents and brokers when aerial photographs of the property were taken using airplanes and helicopters. With the introduction of drone technology, they do not have to spend money on renting a whole aircraft and a photographer’s team alone. The drone has an embedded system inside which helps to reduce the cost of this task by almost more than half. These flying cameras are literally life-savers for the real estate industry!

The World in a Different Light

Capturing the shots of lands, farms, homes, and buildings, in a manner that never happened before drones came into play. The ultra-HD quality of the camera embedded into the flying robots is seamlessly capable to capture potentially dynamic, and fly-a-rounds of the impeccable home exteriors with a close-up view. How could this be not better than conventional means using a helicopter, or an airplane? The picture quality is so incredible, that was never imagined before!

Not exaggerating though, but the ground-based cousins of the camera drone flying crafts are used for creating flowing whole-house motion journeys, and touring even the inside of the home, such that it can even rival a Hollywood movie. This is how fascinating real estate drone videography looks!

Technological implications like Artificial intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and the Internet of Things (IoT), into drones, have helped the real estate market to become a multi-billion dollar one today! Furthermore, there are essentially a number of benefits of drones getting involved in commercial real estate.

Real estate drone photography in real estate has made it easier to showcase elements of the property that weren't possible before. Drone photography and videography presents unique challenges in real estate marketing.

Besides everything, the real estate builders, brokers, and agents have really appreciated the relief that they got with the introduction of these aerial drone photography and videography services. This gives them a clearer view and helps them to accurately analyze the property before they buy. However, expenditure is one thing that has always been a factor which this technology has solved in the first case.

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